Monday, September 08, 2008

11th hour strategizing

I think this post at Strategy '08 (by someone named dansac) gets it essentially right: as much as we might criticize Obama's strategy now, its basically pointless, because with <60 days to go there simply isn't time to change gears in a way that won't look like flailing.

There's a point in any battle where you have to stop strategizing and you simply have to put your faith in "the plan". At this point, theorizing is pointless. It all comes down to execution.

Obama is not running the kind of campaign I would run. But, (1) I'm not running for President, (2) Obama is and (3) I am not Obama and he is not me. A campaign has to be tailored to the strengths of a candidate and, win or lose, Obama has placed his bet on the campaign he is running.

The only way we can help him now is by helping to make sure his bet pays off.


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