Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Politics of the Small

David Corn: "This campaign is becoming ridiculous. And let's be honest: it is John McCain's fault."


Any response to this "controversy" must make the point, repeatedly, that it is McCain and McCain alone who has reduced our politics to irrelevancies like "lipstick".

One of Obama's best lines in his acceptance speech was about how the issues we face today our to big to waste time on the politics of the small. McCain's campaign is all about playing to the smallest part of ourselves. It is a direct appeal to the lizard brain. The hope is that they can maintain a continuous cycle of faux outrages until November. This will distract attention from things that people really care about and increase cynicism to the point that Obama will blamed equally for the ugliness of the campaign.

That is their hope and Obama must repeatedly make it clear that this is exactly what McCain is doing.


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