Friday, July 11, 2008

Get A Life

You see things like this posted on the internet and they inevitably draw out the assholes who enjoy nothing more than belittling people who put their heart and souls into something (sample: "NERD!", "clearly a freak and social reject", "How about you paint it a fag color") And, of course, the inevitable "get a life".

Maybe it's because I'm a father of a kid about the same age. Maybe because my son has Aspergers and has, on more than one occasion, devoted an inordinate amount of time and energy to some equally silly projects. Maybe it's because I faced similar derision when I was a kid. But all I can think is that the people who really need to "get a life" are those who think they elevate themselves by belittling little kids.

Sure, it's just a video game. But so the fuck what? He obviously enjoys it and had a lot of fun making these toys. And some of them are pretty clever (the rocket launcher was impressive). And all these fuckwads can think to do in response is prop of what little self-worth they have by trying to score points.

Great work kid! I hope your parents are proud of you. They should be.


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