Thursday, July 10, 2008

Political Expediency II

Alex Koppelman of Salon's War Room addresses the "sellout" question with respect to Obama's vote on FISA. I tend to agree with him that a simple "sellout" narrative doesn't explain Obama's vote. Alex suggests that the only explanation he can think of is that Obama was never that hot on this issue to begin with (his previous promise to fillibuster not withstanding).

I stand by my previous contention that the biggest factor in his decision was that he simply decided it wasn't worth the time and effort it would take to defend the vote. I just don't see Obama as fitting the image of Dems cowering in the face of accusations of being terrorist appeasers. And I agree with Alex that Obama really doesn't need the support of the telecoms, thus ruling out the idea of a simple financial sellout. All I have left is either (1) he actually supports the bill in principle or (2) he just didn't want the debate to derail his overal campaign strategy.

Right now I'd be much happier if it was the latter instead of the former.


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