Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Political Expediency

I think one of Obama's reasons for not fighting harder against the FISA capitulation was political expediency. But not the kind of expediency many are accusing him of. Obama just doesn't strike me as the type who would quail at the prospect of Republicans accusing him of being soft on terrorism. His resolute opposition to the war in Iraq demonstrates this as clearly as anything.

So what, besides actually agreeing with the bill, explains his support for it? The problem for Obama is that, while he can certainly make an argument that would convince the American people that working against the bill would have been the right thing to do, doing so would have taken time and a considerable amount of energy. Time is limited in this campaign and I think he just made a calculated decision that spending time on this debate just wasn't worth it.

I disagree with that decision. Not only because of what was given up but because this fight is one that needs to be made if Obama is going to be a real agent for change (if not now, when?) But Obama apparently feels different and he's the candidate. Not me.

And thank God for that.


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