Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Balloon Juice
As gas prices continue to rise and then stabilize at a price that puts our casual use of gasoline financially out of reach for most Americans, I bet we will simply redefine what is considered “cool” when it comes to cars. I predict it will be gadgetry or the like in the interior, but in 20 years we will probably look back at the cars of the past few decades (60’s-present) in sort of a quizzical “WTF WERE WE THINKING?” kind of way.
You see something like this already today. My wife and I recently have gotten into rewatching old episodes of Starsky & Hutch. One of the centerpieces of that show was the car (a Ford Gran Torino) that was notably smaller than the landboats most everyone else was driving. Yet, by today's standards, that same car would be considered large.

Watching old TV shows and movies it is hard not to ask "WTF WERE WE THINKING" when you see most people driving cars with footprints larger than today's Hummers.


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