Monday, June 09, 2008

Don't Trip! Don't Trip! Don't Trip!

I said several weeks back, in the midst of all the ADD (Anxious and Defeatest Democrat) worries that the long primary season would damage Obama's chances in the Fall, that I fully expected that once the primaries concluded the presumptive winner would see an almost overnight bump in the polls. This would put to rest one of the arguments the ADDs were using that McCain was polling even with Obama/Clinton.

Well, its nice to be vindicated

This thing is far from over. But people should stop looking for things that might go wrong.

(Imagine your a receiver who catches the ball at the opponents 20 yard line and then finds himself with a clear path to touchdown 80 yards away, its hard not to spend part of that long run thinking to yourself, "Don't Trip! Don't Trip! Don't Trip!")


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