Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fantastic news

AP (via Blue Oregon):
John Frohnmayer says he is dropping his bid for the U.S. Senate.

Frohnmayer had planned to run as the Independent Party's candidate in a three-way race against Republican Senator Gordon Smith and Democrat Jeff Merkley.

But Frohnmayer said Tuesday he has had a tough time rounding up campaign money and grass-roots support.

I met both Novick, Merkely and Frohnmayer in similar forums (small groups in a local pub) before the primary and I have to say that Frohnmayer impressed me the most. He just struck me as the most passionate of the three. If he had been running for the Democratic nomination I think he would have had a real shot at it.

Unfortunately, Frohnmayer bought into the bogus notion that the "partisan gridlock" in Washington was equally the fault of both Republicans and Democrats. That was my only and most severe criticism of him (and I told him this to his face). I just couldn't take seriously anyone who would take that idea serious.

However, Frohnmayer could have been a serious threat in the Fall as I think he was likely to take more from Jeff Merkely than Gordon Smith. That is why his dropping out is good news. Now we have a level playing field to take out Gordo.


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