Thursday, June 12, 2008

Outrage at the outrage

If you check the memeorandum thread on the "Obama's baby mama" controversy and read the right-wing bloggers' response to it, you will find a common thread. They almost all universally say that the outrage is overblown and that it just indicates that "lefties" are to sensitive or deranged. But there's another message that comes through in these comments: the thing they are really upset about is the fact that "lefties" aren't letting "righties" get away with it anymore.

The right-wing noise machine has been used to years of near unobstructed propagation of their sewage. The left-wing blogs and democrats with guts are starting to call them on it. And fighting back is starting to produce results for the left. The right can't have that. So they have to make any criticism of their action seem deranged. Not because it is deranged but because it is effective.

They are afraid.


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