Friday, May 23, 2008

Clinton Stupidity

After watching the following video I've come to the conclusion that Clinton was being more stupid than conniving in her comments about Robert Kennedy's assassination. I do not for a minute believe that she was actually suggesting that a potential assassination was a good reason to stay in the race. She was making the argument that the '68 campaign lasted until June (as did her husbands) and thus there was no reason to get out now before it was over. The reference to the assassination was clearly (to me at least) an unfortunate bit off superfluous commentary.

Having said that, it was an incredibly stupid thing to do even if it was not intentional. Assassination of a political leader is never something to talk casually about and certainly not by a leading opponent in an historic election like the present one.

Now, a lot of people, behind the scenes, are talking about this very thing. Just last night I was with a group where this subject came up. Why then is it okay for us to talk about it but not Clinton?

Because we're just a bunch of plebes sitting in a pub shooting the bull. Lots of things get said in that environment that are not ready for prime-time. But when you are running for the most powerful office in the world you should, at least, approach it with a more cautious decorum than Clinton demonstrates here.

(Aside: McCain demonstrates the same carelessness in his bizarre comments about 100 years in Iraq and singing about bombing Iran. Leading presidential candidates can rock the world when making casual comments like that.)

Judge for yourself.


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