Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Feel Her Fury!!!

Andrew Sullivan:

My fear is that if you merely wound her candidacy, you are in danger. The Clinton machine is now poised to pull every partisan lever and deploy every cheap tactic: the gender card, the elderly card, the 527s, the teachers' unions, AFSCME, the Human Rights Campaign, the super-delegates, and the core Democratic base. This is always about the Clintons.

So, in Andrew's eyes, women, the elderly, 527s, teachers, AFSCME, HRC, the super-delegates, and the core Democratic base are all robotic appendages of the Vast Clinton Political Machine. Considering that that group makes up about half of the country you have to wonder why no one else has noticed that this country is overrun with Stepford Clintonites.

And let's be clear about what else Andrew is saying. The women for Hillary? The elderly for Hillary? The 527s for Hillary? The teachers for Hillary? The service workers for Hillary? The gays for Hillary? The super-delegates for Hillary? The core Democratic base that is for Hillary? They are all, each and every one of them, nothing more than "partisan, cheap tricks".

While the women, elderly, 527s, teachers, service workers, gays, super-delegates and core Democratic basers who are for Obama are, of course, the hope for our future!

Does Barak Obama really want a guy like this supporting him?


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