Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Whither John Edwards?

With his third place finish tonight I think the only role left for Edwards in this race is as King maker. He doesn't have enough support to win it and I doubt he will be able to overcome the "2-person" race narrative that will dominate from here on out.

But, in a close fight between Obama and Clinton, Edwards 10-15% would be enough to tip the scales in either person's favor.

(Ezra has more)


Blogger Blasphermour said...

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Blogger Roman said...

Gonna disagree here, Chris. Edwards never polled a lead in NH so coming in third (when he was expected to come in third) is not a death blow to the campaign. With the upcoming primaries, Edwards has at least a shot at winning a few contests. With the Obama-Clinton swap, what we really have is a race with no clear leader at this time. And don't forget that on a national level, Edwards is the only one of the three that has shown a surge in the polls.

If the media stops ignoring JRE, he has a shot. And if not? Well, may be that he gets to play king maker.

12:18 AM  

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