Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Reality comes knocking

Watching the results tonight I find myself empathizing with Obama supporters whose stomachs must have dropped to the floor when the first trickle of results were posted (and the rest of the evening just got worse).

You see, I was a big Dean support in 2004 so I know full well the feeling of a tidal wave of change approaching the political shores in this country, only to see that wave fizzle.

Of course, this race is far from over and Obama fans have nothing to despair about. But New Hampshire was a wakeup call for them: this isn't going to be as easy as Iowa made them think it might be. They are actually going to have to work for it and I fully expect they are up to the challenge.

Congratulations to Clinton for defying ALL the expectations (even her own). If there's one thing I still appreciate in this world its having all the gas bags put in their place (and, sadly, I must include a lot of the Democratic blogosophere in that group).

She's still my third choice. But the efforts of her and her supporters (and the supporters of all the other great Dem candidates) makes me feel good about Democracy.


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