Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Magic Land

I think this is yet another example of Republicans confusing geography with people.

You remember the whole red state vs. blue state thing right. You remember how Republicans argued that they were the more popular party based on the overwhelming swath of red splashed across the map after the 2000 and 2004 elections. Of course, those making that argument always conveniently forgot that it's people, not acres, that vote. Just because a county that is five times the size of New York city votes overwhelmingly Republican does not mean that it has five times as much impact as New York city on who eventually becomes President.

So, when I hear people arguing that population shifts away from blue states and towards red states means that Republicans will be favored in the future, I have to chuckle. Its as if they presume that there is something magic in the red state soil that will turn transplanted Democrats into Republicans.

Yes, a Republican community can and will influence Democratic emigrants to swing more to the right. But an influx of blue state citizens will have a commensurate effect on the opinions of the communities they move into.

While the red land is turning the blue people red, the blue people are turning the red land blue.

Why do people believe that land is destiny?


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