Monday, April 16, 2007

Miscarriage of Justice?

Like Matt, I never paid that much attention to the Duke Lacrosse Rape case. Partially because I'm tired of the way local news stories get blown up into national scandals. Partially because I just didn't have the time for it. As such, I really can't speak to the justice or injustice of this case.

But one thought does occur to me. Perhaps the Duke Lacrosse players did get a "fair shake"? Miscarriages of justice happen. If we live an in a fair and equitable society then occasionally those miscarriages will happen to privileged white boys as well as underprivileged black boys.

Just a thought.


Blogger Trust me, I'm a doctor said...

I figure that is what the Duke boys get for treating the hiring of a stripper so lightly (smutty, smutty boys)... those boys were probably terrible or degrading towards her.

She had nothing to lose by dragging them down to her level for a while. The problem is... will they be angry men for the rest of their lives or will they become respectable members of society after such an experience? I am afraid they will be angry... which is what (in my unknowing opinion) got them in that situation to begin with.

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