Thursday, October 26, 2006

Bush's Secret Plan

If Bush goes into 2007 backed by a Republican House and Senate then look to see an escalation of the War in Iraq.

It has become painfully obvious, even to the Bushies, that the current course in Iraq is failing. But Bush simply refuses to consider any plan that includes leaving "before the job is done". So what other option is there?

It has become dogma in right wing circles that we would have "won" in Vietnam if we had only tried harder. That dogma will strongly influence the actions of the Bush administration in his final two years in office. If he goes into those final two years with a compliant Republican Congress then you can count on a ratcheting up of the conflict.

If you think that this would be an insane course of action then there is only one thing you can do: Vote Democrat!

(hat tip to Glenn Greenwald whose post today covers this topic in more detail.)


Blogger Freudian Slip said...

Quite a convincing post. I realize I am chiming in on this a bit late in the running (we won, hurray!) but I just wanted to comment on a very short and simple thought, as to why we need the Dems in there!

12:13 AM  

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