Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Kudos To All!

There's lots of jockeying going on out there amongst Democrats trying to step forward and claim the lion's share of the credit for our victory yesterday. Frankly, I think it's all a bit silly.

Everyone did good yesterday! Can't we all just admit that ALL of our leaders contributed to this victory? Why is it necessary to claim that any one person or sub-group was the key?

Rahm Emmanuel did a good job, generally, of recruiting candidates and raising money.

Chuck Schuster did a good job, generally, of recruiting candidates and raising money.

Howard Dean did a good job organizing the 50 states and raising money.

Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi did a good job of laying out an agenda and getting people to sign on to it (and raising money).

State Parties, MoveOn and other organizations did a good job organizing and raising money.

Candidate campaigns did a good job organizing and raising money.

Ground troops did a good job. Netroots activists did a good job. Everyone did a good job!

Kudos To All!

Let's cut the credit crap before it overwhelms us.


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Blogger said...

Yes, that may be the reason that we let Bush stay in office for two terms. I have yet to see an army that can win a battle as individuals and until we learn that the victory side of the chalk board is going to be pretty light.

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I agree, jut as it is an administration that runs a country not just a President. Everyone has a role and it is the many that gets results not the few.
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