Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Flip The Rock!

another recommended dKos post:

Imagine, for a second, that the GOP base is like a broad flat stone.

We Democrats spend all our time trying to break off parts of that stone...chipping away here, chiseling away there...

Our hope is that we can knock enough support away from the GOP to get a majority somehow. But in doing so, we act like we don't want to offend anyone. So we tiptoe when we do if by being "nice" and "upright" of that stone might just crumble away of their own accord.

Our aspiration is to finally, you know, get a majority somewhere and get something done. Our track record of delivering for our voters, however, is on display for the world to see.

Fuck that, we need a change.

We need to flip the rock.

Conservatism = the rock.

We need to make that rock toxic. We need to flip it so that lots of pieces break off...and its toxic underside shows. We need to turn the GOP's greatest's horde of voters flying the flag of "conservative values" into its greatest liability. We need to rebrand conservatism.

Conservatism = New Orleans.

* Did "big business" save people when they needed help?
* Did "free markets" save people when they needed food and water?
* Did "tax cuts for the rich" save people when people needed to evacuate?
* Did "compassionate conservatism" come to the rescue when people were left stranded?
* Did "faith based iniatives" come to the rescue when people were trapped in their homes?
* Did "Homeland Security" come to the rescue while an American city drowned?

There's only one way to defeat Rove, and that is to turn his greatest strength into his greatest liability. We need to make conservatism toxic.

Much more here

This reminds me of an old-time gospel tune:

I went down to the rock to hide my face/
The rock called out "no hiding place!"/
There's no hiding place down here!

(Also the title of an excellent Babylon 5 episode!)


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