Tuesday, September 06, 2005

George Bush is my monkey

A simple but important point:

Ray Nagin is not my mayor (I live in the Portland area, my mayor is Tom Potter). I don't have any input into his position nor am I overly impacted by his leadership abilities or inabilities.

Kathleen Blanco is not my governor (I live in Oregon, my governor is Ted Kulongoski). I don't have any input into her positions nor am I overly impacted by her leadership abilities or inabilities.

George W. Bush is my President (well, at least he pretends to be). I am a citizen of the United States. I voted in the elections that put him in office. I am supposed to be his boss and the decisions he makes have and will have a long and lasting effect on me. I am greatly impacted by his leadership inabilities (he has no abilities that remotely qualify as leadership).

So those who say that I should distribute my criticism between Nagin, Blanco and Bush can blow it out their ear. I leave Nagin's fate to the people of New Orleans. I leave Blanco's fate to the people of Louisiana.

Bush is mine. He is my monkey and a very bad monkey he has been.


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