Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Keep it simple

I want to repost something said by a commenter on DailyKos in response to this post that refutes yet another one of the right wing lying points. I think it contains some important advice we should all follow (emphasis mine).

Why are y'all engaging them in the point by point, blow by blow lies they are telling. Why not leave it simple, and just say they are lying. Each time I see a Democrat try to defend him or herself against the wingnuts, I want to scream. It's always going to give the appearance of seeming like there are two sides, and that we are defending ourselves. The best defense is the one you gave with Rove- namely, just calling them liars, and don't even get stuck in the minute, because each time you bring up a point, they will simply change the target so that whatever you started with is lost under the weight of the minute.

Each time they say something I would think the easiest thing say is this:

"The administration is trying lie its way out of its monumental failures." Start from there. Nothing else needs to be said- because what needs to be done is something I am sure you are familar with as a lawyer- creating the pscyhological impact of making the other guy defensive. And, if you aren't familar with it as a lawyer- then perhaps as a poker player? You want to make the other guy sweat this. And, y'all I know want to get in their an argue- but this whole "defense" of our position is completely unnecessary. What is necessary is to make them sweat by calling them liars, and when they say that we are playing the blame game, we answer back- "that's because Bush is to blame."

Seriously, I hope eventually we will get the point of the Republicans actions aren't the factual debate, it's the pschological warfare they are doing. I know y'all mean well, but at least on the pschological side- I am not sure that "proving" our position is necessary as much as keeping it in the publics mind that the REpublicans fucked up, and did so for the most crass reasons possible. I would literally repeat over and over again what Barbara Bush said, and what BUsh did in terms of the time line withou regard to the specifics.

Good advice. It's not even necesary to specifically "blame" Bush for anything (though, if you have the facts to back that up, go for it). It is enough to point out that the Bushies are certainly doing everything they can to "shift the blame" away from themselves.

Put them on the defensive for once. We know they can't handle it.


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