Thursday, June 30, 2005

Early signs of the next smear Dean campaign?

The DNC's new Democracy Bonds effort is actually a mockery of WWII era war bonds according to the latest right-wing talking point:

You would think in this time of war that Americans could pull together and support the troops and America’s cause. That certainly is the rhetoric coming from both Left and Right these days.

And yet in a tasteless new fundraising gimmick, embattled DNC Chairman Howard Dean is issuing what he calls "Democracy Bonds" to, well, to raise money to elect Democrats.

“Democracy Bonds” are, of course, a mockery of the War Bonds the federal government issued during World War II to help finance the war against Nazism. Dean's "bonds" are even designed to look vaguely like authentic U.S. War Bonds from the early-1940s.

Dean’s fundraising gimmick emerged in the same week President George W. Bush urged Americans to support the troops and military families by visiting a new Department of Defense website,

Dean’s new gimmick comes on the heels of a recent dip in support for the Iraq War fuelled largely by the rhetoric of Democrat politicians.

I asked one military mom whose husband is “over there” her thoughts on Chairman Howard’s new shtick.

“Disgusting,” is all she could say.

This has all the elements of being a focus group tested smear: faux outrage, allegations of anti-patriotism, the anonymous quote from a "disgusted" military mom, the claim that if it just were for those annoying critics then the support for the war would be just fine.

I don't know if this smear will take off. But keep an eye out for it. Let's see if FOX starts doing special segments on Dean's "mockery".

BTW, I loved this one comment attached to this post:

OK guys--you have gone a little overboard. If the Republicans had done this it would have been patriotic but the dems did it so it is in poor taste. I like it though--please keep hammering at Howard Dean. It makes life easier for the rest of the party.

Translation: it's a smear, I know it's a smear, but I approve it because it may hurt the Dems.


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