Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Dean shows how it is done

Watch this video of Howard Dean on The News Hour (courtesy Crooks & Liars).

I mean it! Watch it! Now! I can wait.


Ok. Got it? Now that's how you deal with the media's attempts to twist you into the usual Democratic Supine Position. Gwen Ifill tried repeatedly to get Dean to second guess his own comments (as well as the comments of Dick Durbin). He simply refused to play the game she was trying to play. What's more, he did it with a smile that clearly charmed Ifill. By the end of the interview he had her eating of his hand. He consistently turned the discussion back to talking about issues and substance. He owned those twelve minutes as if he had paid for them.

And you know what? He did it without ever once knocking down a fellow Democrat. He did nothing but praise any Democrats mentioned by name. I bet, if asked, he would also praise Joe Biden and Joe Lieberman! That's the kind of guy Dean is.


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