Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Bush's grand idea!

So what is Bush doing to show the troops that America supports them? Is he increasing funds for body and vehicle armor? No. He's set up a web site!

In this time of testing, our troops can know: The American people are behind you. Next week, our Nation has an opportunity to make sure that support is felt by every soldier, sailor, airman, coast guardsman, and Marine at every outpost across the world. This Fourth of July, I ask you to find a way to thank the men and women defending our freedom – by flying the flag … sending letters to our troops in the field … or helping the military family down the street. The Department of Defense has set up a website – AmericaSupportsYou.mil. You can go there to learn about private efforts in your own community. At this time when we celebrate our freedom, let us stand with the men and women who defend us all.

Yeah! Fly the flag! Send letters! Support the military family down the street (someone needs to!) Organize raffles to raise money to buy bullet proof vests! Show that you love America!

And stop all that complaining!


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