Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Talking Points Tuesday: Framing the GOP

Check out this article over at TomPaine.com for a good discussion of possible frames to be used against the Republicans in the coming months. Here are some suggestions:

  • Describe the current Republican leadership as members of "the reckless wing of the Republican Party". Message: the Republican agenda is out of the mainstream and can't be trusted.
  • Attack them for masking their bleak agenda behind feel-good language. Message: You can't take the Republicans at their word. Wouldn't it be nice to have leadership you could trust to "walk the talk"?
  • Assert that Republicans control everything so they should have no reason to fight amongst themselves. Then highlight any signs of dissent within the ranks. Message: even Republicans are uncomfortable with what the "reckless wing" is doing.
  • Say that it is "payback time" for the extremists in the party who now want something for all the hard work they put into getting Republicans into office. Message: Who will the Republicans sell us out to?

All of these frames have to be asserted repeatedly and consistently. We must create a narrative within the voter's minds and it is only through repetition that we can do so. Only then will we be allowed back into the public debate. Only then will the people re-consider their support for the GOP and begin to take a second look at the Democrats.


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