Monday, March 14, 2005

The sins of Joe Lieberman

The Moose comes out with a defense of Lieberman and tells "lefty" bloggers to "grow up". What The Moose doesn't get is that the attacks on Lieberman are not about ideology. If they were then how does he explain the plaudits that Harry Reid, an avowed pro-life Democrat, has received from the very same "lefty" bloggers that The Moose is criticizing?

The case against Lieberman has little to do with ideology and much to do with political strategy. The Republicans love Lieberman because the GOP can always rely on good old Joe to step up to the plate and knock out a few pieces of Luntz-style newspeak. The problem with Lieberman is that he uses Republican frames that were specifically designed to keep Democrats down.

Lieberman is very good at promoting himself. He is for shit when it comes to promoting Democrats and the Democratic party. He weakens us by repeatedly giving aid and comfort to the opposition.

It is Lieberman and The Moose that need to grow up and realize they are being played for chumps by the Elephant.


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