Saturday, March 05, 2005

Speaking of hackery...

Alan Greenspan's is almost as bad as the elite media:

Questioning the wisdom of Alan Greenspan in political Washington is akin to challenging the integrity of the pope in Rome, so figures in both parties agreed yesterday that the top Senate Democrat's description of the Federal Reserve Board chairman as a "political hack" was a blunder.

Now, when I first read this lead paragraph I was prepared to be outraged that, yet again, Democrats were undermining fellow Democrats by pushing Republican talking points. What the hell are these guys thinking by going along with the description of Reid's comment as a blunder?

But then I read the article and you know what? Not a single Democrat, not even anonymously, is quoted as saying that Reid's comment was a blunder. Indeed the article is full of quotes from Democrats taking Greenspan to task, though none of them specifically used or supported Reid's "political hack" comment.

So, once again, we have an example, yet again, of the elite media creating a false sense of balance where none exists. Of course Republicans would be against Reid's comment. But it might be useful if Dan Milbank and Nell Henderson, the writers of this piece, were to actually back up their lead assertion that Democrats were similarly critical.

(BTW, the headline on this article includes the infamous "Some Democrats Say" lead. That should have been the first clue that hackery was imminent.)


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