Monday, February 21, 2005

Time to invoke the Chicago rules

The first strike in the "Unfit To Age" campaign against AARP is out. This is an ad running on the front page of the American Spectator web site. (courtesy dKOS).

On its surface this is a laughable. The suggesting is that AARP is anti-troop and pro-gay. Yet clicking the ad, while taking you to the USANext site, will not provide any explanation for the attack..

AARP should not treat this as a joke, however. They should not assume, as John Kerry did, that these kind of attacks will be laughed off. AARP should hit back and hit back hard. They should demand a retraction. Furthermore, they should make anyone bleed who doesn't demand a retraction who should logically do so.

Yes, this will just bring publicity to this campaign. But don't doubt that this campaign won't become a big deal without our help. Apparently USANext has around $10 million to promote this effort. FOX will undoubtedly be on board. The time to respond is now!

The good people at dKOS have come up with an excellent counter-ad:


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