Thursday, February 17, 2005

Guckert an OSI operative?

Frank Rich has an excellent takedown (as does Maureen Dowd) of both the White House and the media on the whole matter of Guckert's Gannon. I highly recommend it.

I would like to highlight one passage because it brings up something I've been thinking about with respect to all these outings of Bush administration shills:

A Pentagon Office of Strategic Influence, intended to provide propagandistic news items, some of them possibly false, to foreign news media was shut down in 2002 when it became an embarrassing political liability. But much more quietly, another Pentagon propaganda arm, the Pentagon Channel, has recently been added as a free channel for American viewers of the Dish Network. Can a Social Security Channel be far behind?

I've had this sneaking suspicion for several weeks that OSI never really went away. Sure, they did away with the name. But does that mean they did away with the program?

Guckert is, after all, a former marine.


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