Monday, March 14, 2005

Joe Lieberman: Fox News Democrat

Earlier today I took Marshall Wittman, aka The Moose, to task for his lame defense of Joe Lieberman against the "lefty" bloggers.

Atrios does a better job of it and comes up with an excellent term for Holy Joe: Fox News Democrat.

Any political party should look askance at any of its members when they become the person that the opposition party likes to push as their go-to guy. Being a favorite Democratic guest of the conservative pundit pap shows is as clear a sign as any that that Democrat is viewed as a convenient chump for the Republican cause.

Joe Lieberman is just such a chump.

It's not a question of whether Lieberman means well or isn't ideologically pure enough. It's simply a fact that the Democrats are worse off, as a party, for having Joe as one of their primary spokesmen.


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