Friday, January 28, 2005

Dean unity

I argued the point this morning that Dean was good at the unity thing, the main argument that Josh Marshall made in his support for Rosenberg.

Case in point, Harold Ickes, a close confident of the Clintons, has endorsed Dean for the DNC chair position.

Ickes would not do this if the Clintons seriously objected to Dean as DNC chair. That doesn't mean they like it. But this is a a strong signal that they realize that Dean not getting the position would be worse than the potential downside of him getting it.

I would be extremely surprised if the Clintons came out and endorsed Dean. That would be burning to many bridges and there just wouldn't be that much to gain from it. In fact, I think Dean would be better off winning this without a Clinton endorsement. Such an endorsement would create the impression that Dean was a Clinton lackey.

I don't know the details behind this endorsement, but I think it demonstrates once again that Dean can unify the Democrats in just the way that Josh feared he couldn't.


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