Thursday, July 01, 2004

Triumph Of The Will, Part II

From a UPI article on the hearing and Iraqi reaction to same:

In several Baghdad teashops and other gathering spots of the local society, reaction was confused and mixed. But even Saddam's critics seemed to take some national pride in seeing the man that ruled them for so long looking strong and defiant.

"To see him pathetic when he was caught was a shame on all Iraqis, because we had been so powerfully ruled by a man that seemed to be such a coward," one man said, who would not give his name. "Now this is the Saddam that we knew -- and even if you hated him -- you feel proud to see him act like a man."

Others said they would hold their opinion until they heard the evidence against him.

"I need to see what they have as evidence," Abbas, a security guard for the al Dora electric power facility. "I don't know how to see what will happen."

If warning lights aren't going off in the offices of those in charge of this trial than they are risking an awful surprise.


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