Monday, June 28, 2004

A multitude of enemies

Gadflyer editor-in-chief Paul Waldman has noticed that there is a notable lack of Kerry-hatred from the right, at least compared to hatred that Clinton inspired:

It's been five months since John Kerry won the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary and thus became the all-but-inevitable Democratic nominee, and it seems that the Right has been slacking off. Where are the anti-Kerry books? The conspiracy theories? The intimations of murder and drug-running? The maniacal ravings of the unhinged Right we've come to know and love?

Waldman offers some speculation on why the Kerry-hatred movement just really hasn't taken off. I'd like to offer my own suggestion: there are to many targets for them to attack in force.

Just think of it: back in 1992 all they had to hate was Clinton. Now they have Kerry, Michael Moore, Al Franken (and the whole Air America operation), Al Gore, the left-wing of the blogosphere, the French, terrorist rag-heads, etc., etc., etc. Back in 1992, the Democrats and the left generally hung back in the shadows and let Clinton take all the heat. Similarly in 2000 with Al Gore. But in 2004 the right is being challenged on multiple fronts.

One could almost feel sorry for the tough situation they have found themselves in. Beset by enemies on all sides. Not sure where the next attack will come from. Not sure where to direct their fire for fear that, when they do, the real attack will come from the other direction. It sounds almost like the situation our soldiers face in Iraq.

I know some liberals dismiss Moore and Franken and bemoan the degradation of political dialog they represent. But Moore and Franken provide a useful service: they provide cover so that people like Kerry can move closer to the levers of power and thus effect real change.

Good job guys!


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