Sunday, June 20, 2004

I warned you this would happen

Poppy at Patridiot Watch asks why John McCain stumping for George W. Bush is getting such prominent coverage:

McCain's stumping for President Bush as if it is some major incident that deserved 40 point headlines. It is really not that big a deal, especially since John McCain is the Arizona Chairman of the Bush Cheney Campaign!

Not for nothing, but if a sitting Republican Senator who chairs the President's reelection campaign in his home state then stumps with the President it is not news.

There are many reasons for this, not the least being that McCain is probably the second most popular Republican out there (possibly first considering how bad George's numbers have been of late).

But there is an even more important reason: because the Kerry campaign and several prominent Democrats have made the stupid, stupid, STUPID mistake of talking wistfully about a Kerry/McCain ticket. The fact that a man who, rumor tells us, has already been asked by Kerry to be his running mate goes out and campaigns for the man Kerry is running against is news. And it is the Democrats who fostered those kind of rumors that are primarily responsible for it.

I've warned about this repeatedly. All the McCain talk was foolish because it was never going to happen and the disappointment that would follow such a failure would just make Kerry look lesser by comparison. It also makes Bush look better when the inevitable "McCain stumps for Bush" stories came along.

Am I really the only one out there smart enough to realize what a bad idea all that Kerry/McCain talk was?


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