Friday, June 18, 2004

What do you get if you cross an elephent with a rhino?

See if you can spot the logical inconsistency in this comment from Noam Schreiber on Kerry's possible choice of Gephardt for Veep:

But in light of the report in today's Note that "Kerry has told associates that he views the vice presidency as an extremely important institution and wants a person of heft to fill it," and in light of the fact that the universe of possible heavyweights is pretty small--John McCain has taken himself out of contention, and, as my colleague Ryan Lizza reports, the vetting process is essentially over, meaning there's really no way people like Bill Cohen (and probably Sam Nunn) could be added to Kerry's short list at this point--Gephardt looks like an increasingly likely choice. Other than Gephardt, the only people "of heft" likely to be on Kerry's list are Wesley Clark and Bob Graham, both of whom proved themselves to be less than reliable on the trail during the primary campaign.

Um, Norm, in case you forget, Gephardt came in 4th in Iowa!

If we are talking about reliability "on the trail during the primary campaign" then Wesley Clark as Gephardt beat by a mile (Clark actually won Oklahoma).

I think we are deep in the "hell-if-I-know" stage of the Veepstakes. There are so many theories flying around, so many rumors, so many people with their own particular agendas involved, that really I doubt if anyone outside of Kerry and 1 or 2 of his closest advisors have a clue as to where this thing is really going.

If Kerry isn't careful, he risks this approaching the "why-the-hell-won't-he-make-a-choice-and-end-the-chaos" stage. Followed soon after by the "after-all-that-he-picked-HIM!?" stage.


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