Tuesday, June 15, 2004

The Bizarro Oracle

Digby brings us the good news:

It's official. Clinton will definitely help Kerry win the election, probably in a huge way. How do I know this?

[Dick]Morris believes that "by sucking up the oxygen in the room during July, Clinton cripples Kerry and forces him to compete for attention with a charismatic former president". He predicts that the Massachusetts senator "will look a decided second-best to Bill Clinton".

Morris is the Bizarro Oracle of Delphi. If he predicts something, the exact opposite will come true. He has a very impressive record.

He then lists several examples of Morris' bizarre prognostication abilities. He forgot to mention my favorite example: Morris' repeated insistence that Hillary would never run for Senate in New York and, when she did, that she would lose badly.

free patriot added the following comment to Digby's post:

Hillary on the ticket is a Repuglican wet dream

Dick Morris is just feeding the repugs what they want to hear

I think he might be on to something there. I used to think that Dick Morris was just insane. But, if you think that he is just a whore who is providing a service to his customers (feeding the fantasies of the freeper fans of Fox), then his track record makes a lot more sense.

Dick Morris doesn't care if he consistently gets it wrong. He only cares that the people who are paying him don't care if he consistently gets it wrong.


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