Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Putting out the fire

I second John Scalzi's comment about recent reports that Democrats are worried that Kerry hasn't put forward more than an "I'm not Bush" platform:

Jumpin' Jesus in a lobster bib, isn't that enough? Honestly now. Wanting more out of Kerry than rolling back the odometer on Dubya is like being upset that the fireman who's come to keep your house from burning down to the ground isn't also trimming the lawn. God knows Kerry could spend four years just applying patches to where Bush's crew have knocked gaping holes in the constitutional drywall. Heck, he'll need a second term just to get to his own stuff. So, you know, priorities, people.

The truth of the matter is that Bush as so f*cked things up that it could take both Kerry terms just to return us to where we were before this idiot came into power.

I do not envy Kerry's job once he gets into office. The usual suspects will immediately start blaming him for everything that Bush has fucked up and ask, "Why hasn't Kerry fixed these problems yet?"

John Kerry isn't running for President. He's running for garbage collector.


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