Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Kerry once criticized Reagan, therefore anything positive he says now must be a lie

No, the Republicans wouldn't think of politicizing Reagan's death.

In the wake of former President Ronald Reagan's death, some of the most aggressive attempts to publicize criticism of Reagan are coming from ... Republicans. On June 7, The New York Times reported: "[I]n one sign of what may lie ahead, Republicans circulated old quotes from Mr. [Senator John] Kerry in which he criticized Mr. Reagan." Kerry's prior criticisms of Reagan found their way into conservative news outlets, including The Weekly Standard, NewsMax.com, The Washington Times, and FOX News Channel.

I agree with John Kerry's decision to suspend campaigning this week. Even aside from the respectfulness of such a move, trying to campaign in the midst of the Reagasm would be like whispering into a hurricane. No one would pay attention to you other then to point out that you look rather silly with all that wind blowing in your face.

But, of course, the Republicans feel no such compunction to put partisanship aside for even one week. If they can't get Kerry to actually say anything negative about Reagan after the latter's death then they just had to go searching through the records to find examples of him criticizing Reagan in the past. The idea, of course, is to leave the impression that Kerry's current statements of condolence are nothing but window dressing mean to hide his black-liberal soul that is secretly doing handsprings in light of the death of the Great Satan.

Of course, all it really proves is that the Bushies, like rabid animals, can never be trusted to act like human beings.


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