Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Waaaaah! I wanted to break the bad news first!

What a bunch of children:

WHEN ABC News broke the sad news of Ronald Reagan's death Saturday afternoon, it sent its competitors into a frenzy. The press corps traveling with President Bush in Normandy first heard the news when ABC's White House reporter Terry Moran began doing a live report in their midst. The reaction, according to one eyewitness, was "total chaos — people running everywhere, knocking into things." CNN's John King yelled into his cell phone that CNN had been beaten and was so upset he threatened to quit. King ended his tantrum by throwing his cell phone to the ground. Bad move: his meltdown was captured on tape. So just how did ABC get such a big jump? The network refused comment, but insiders credit ABC News chief David Westin. Apparently, working the phones produces better results than throwing them.

No wonder these guys like Bush. They have the same "me first" mentality.

(courtesy Mathew Gross)


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