Monday, July 05, 2004

Dubya's War is not Vietnam

It is the Bay of Pigs, on a much grander scale.

That's the impression I get from reading this New Yorker article on Ahmed Chalabi. Particularly this passage:

Shortly after the [Iraqi Liberation Act's] passage, General Anthony Zinni, who was then the commander of centcom, which is assigned operational control of U.S. combat forces in the Middle East, saw a copy of Chalabi’s military plan. “It got me pretty angry,” he told me. Zinni knew Iraq’s terrain well, and testified before Congress that Chalabi’s plan was “pie in the sky, a fairy tale.” He said, “They were saying if you put a thousand troops on the ground Saddam’s regime will collapse, they won’t fight. I said, ‘I fly over them every day, and they shoot at us. We hit them, and they shoot at us again. No way a thousand forces would end it.’ The exile group was giving them inaccurate intelligence. Their scheme was ridiculous.”

When have we dealt with a group of foreign nationals who manipulated the United States into supporting a military intervention with inadequate forces (inadequate because they would have never been able to persuade us by asking for realistic help)? Cuba in the 50s and 60s


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