Thursday, April 15, 2004

Streams Of Consciousness

I've been keeping a journal (otherwise known as a paper blog). I tend to write in a stream of consciousness fashion in my journal and I've toyed with the idea of posting some of my thoughts here. 

Lord knows it be nice to talk about something other than politics. Honest, it's not the only thing I care about! The following should be proof of that:

Does God Believe In You?

There are worse things in this life then dying young, among which might be included living a life without meaning.

Life is brutal, so we might as well be brutal.

Life is beautiful, so we might as well be beautiful.

Some believe one or the other of these propositions and not the other.

The irony of life is that both may be right.

"Hell is other people," said a character in Sartre's No Exit.

Well, we might respond that such is also the case with heaven.

Again, the truth of one proposition does not make the other false.

We live in a brutal world whose brutality is committed daily, by man against man, by society against society, by every creature against each other.

Man is not the only animal that plays with its food.

Yet Life IS Beautiful!

The sheer enormity of creation stuns us with its beauty. From the scale and grandeur of the cosmos to the sublime complexity of a snowflake. It is hard not to live in awe of these things.

And, just as man can be brutal to man, he is also capable of the greatest examples of love and devotion.

The depths of man's soul has no limits! We can be both unnecessarily cruel and excessively kind to each other.

History shows us this.

If life were simply a race of brute against brute and to the winner goes the spoils then what would be the point of living?

If life were only despair than why not just kill yourself?

Because we are capable of more than mere cruelty. As described above, our capacity for love is equal to our capacity for hate. (Love and hate are not emotional opposites. Indifference is the greatest cruelty of all).

We were created with both capacities.


Why were we created with the ability, nay the inclination to cause such suffering?

So that we might overcome it and prove ourselves to be more than just brutes.

God is a right bloody bastard.

God is the fount of Love.

Again, one proposition does not contradict the other. God could save us from ourselves, but what would be the point?

God understands better than us that we have the capacity to save ourselves.

Does God believe in you?

The answer can be nothing but YES!

More to follow...


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