Wednesday, April 14, 2004

America America Speaks

Air America responds to both Liu and Drudge:

This Liu-ser was ripping off our boss Evan Cohen big time (he can’t do that, that’s our job). Evan found out about it and he stopped payment on a check to keep Liu-cifer from ripping him off even more. You can touch Evan for the occasional meal or drinks but a million bucks is crossing the line. And if we ever get low on cash, we can always call Barbra Streisand. Or any of the
Baldwins. Except Stephen.

So we got screwed, Liu’d, and tattooed. How Liu can you get? In Liu of payment. Liu’d and lascivious behavior. These write themselves. What we’re getting at is that we hate him.

So now everyone’s saying we’re going down the dumper in Chicago and Los Angeles, but what they don’t tell you is that we’re still on in Portland. And we OWN Portland. And let’s not forget Riverside and Plattsburgh. And New
York.  And streaming on the internet. And XM. And Sirius. Actually we’re fine.

So cool your jets. Air America Radio isn’t dead, we’re in court and we’re going to slam Liu’s head in a car door. Another metaphor. We hope to be back on the air tomorrow or the next day in those markets.

So there was a "bounced check", after a fashion, but it was because Cohen put a stop-payment on it, not that Cohen couldn't cover the cost.

Sounds like there's a back-story here that we have yet to hear. Most likely this is a problem that has been building for a while but only went public today when Liu slammed the door on AA in Chicago and LA. It will be interesting to see the results of the legal action AA is taking against Liu. But at least Cohen doesn't sound like he is going to sit back and take it.

And the publicity over this could be pure gold for AA. The on air reporting on this on AA indicates that they are going to take full advantage of this. Nothing like the suggestion that they are being repressed to add fuel to the fire.


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