Monday, April 12, 2004

Sometimes silence is golden

I've been critical in a sort-of-snarky fashion of John Kerry's low profile over the last few weeks and I agree, in part with Kos' confusion about why Kerry is running for President, but I think Susan Stranahan of CJR has a point about this rise in Kerry criticism in the blogosphere:

Apparently, it hasn't yet occurred to befuddled bloggers what is abundantly clear to seasoned campaign operatives and reporters: With the status quo in Iraq shifting abruptly week by week, any candidate coming forth now with a detailed plan for the Iraq of January 2005 is setting himself up for instant obsolescence.

This raising an interesting point about the dynamic of the blogosphere's feed cycle: we live off whatever the political hot shots are doing on a daily basis. It is our bread and butter to react to what a Bush, Kerry or whomever is doing on that day. So, when someone drops of the radar, we notice it much more than the average voter and, like pets who aren't fed regularly, we start to snarl and snap.

Kerry may be adopted the most politically viable strategy right now in response to a chaotic situation. First of all, Iraq and the 9/11 commission are hurting Bush, so just let it keep on hurting him and don't insert yourself into the dialog. Second, if you do insert yourself into the dialog then you will have to answer for whatever it is you put out there.

Kerry will eventually have to answer the question, "Why would you be any better?" But he can afford to wait until events present a better time to present a viable option.


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