Monday, April 12, 2004

Thank God!

Can I just say how glad I am that John McCain has put a stake in the idea of his being John Kerry's Veep? I've been steadily grinding my teeth away over the last week or so in response to all the the otherwise sensible bloggers who have seriously entertained this idea. I'm sorry, but it was NEVER going to happen and it was stupid to even talk about it in the first place.

To quote Karl Rove: "It's a sign of the Kerry campaign's tactical weakness and shortsightedness if they keep talking about McCain, because it raises expectations that they are serious about him -- and what happens when it turns out that it wasn't serious at all? He (McCain) would never accept it in a million years, anyway."

Rove is absolutely correct. Furthermore, rumors of Kerry considering McCain as his running mate only feeds into the idea that Democrats are weak. After all, if they are a strong, national party why would they need to look to an outsider as a viable option?

So all of you people out there still pining after a Kerry-McCain ticket...stiffle it! You aren't helping matters at all.


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