Wednesday, April 14, 2004

More on the Air America injunction

I've done a quick run-through of the AAR injunction request and MBRI it looks like this is what happened:

  1. AAR and MBRI reached agreements on leasing air time on the LA and Chicago stations.
  2. Some dispute has arisen with respect to the LA station (the allegation previously mentioned is that MBRI was double-billing the time on the LA station, meaning they were selling the time to both AAR and some other entity. I do not know anything about the truth or falsity of that allegation.)
  3. As a result of that dispute, AAR apparently put a stop payment to MBRI with respect to the LA station.
  4. MBRI, apparently in response, took AAR off the air in both the LA and Chicago stations.
  5. The essence of the injunction request is that MBRI did not have the right to suspend service in Chicago in response to a dispute about the LA station.

(caveat: I'm not a lawyer of course)


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