Friday, March 19, 2004

Hello? Is there anybody up there?

Let me join my voice to the chorus (Atrios, Hesiod, J) of those calling on Democratic leaders to get off their butts and go out there and fight for John Kerry. So far Kerry has done a pretty reasonable job of standing up for himself, but there has been a noticeable lack of party leaders fanning out across the airwaves and making it clear that Kerry is their man and they will throw themselves on a hand grenade if that is what is needed to get him elected.

Or is asking for that much coordination and cooperation to much to ask of Democrats?

I could understand if Dean were the nominee that they might be hesitant to defend him since he made their lives so difficult over the past year (I wouldn't forgive it, but I would understand it). But Kerry is one of their own. He's the one that we were sold as being the one that the leadership could unite behind.

So do it!


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