Thursday, March 18, 2004


Hesiod has a good post today on just how massive are the forces that are coming after Kerry and how much he will need all of our help to defeat Bush. He draws an analogy between Kerry and General Anthony McAuliffe who was trapped in Bastogne facing a massive German counteroffensive and calls on us to be General Patton riding to the rescue.

Hesiod is right that Kerry is going to get absolutely hammered over the coming months, but there may be little he or us can do to meet the Bushies blow-for-blow. However, another useful analogy might be the Ali vs. Foreman fight. Foreman was widely favored to win because of his ability to simply beat his opponents to a pulp. Ali didn't have the strength to match Foreman's punches. But what he did have was the endurance to take the blows Foreman could meet out until Foreman got so exhausted that Ali could step up and hammer him back.

So, what we need is to provide Kerry the endurance he will need to go the long haul against the massive Bush counteroffensive until such time as the latter has emptied his arsenal and has nothing left to attack with. And then, when he is at his most vulnerable, punch his lights out.

Update: Thinking back on it, I think some of my recent posts about Kerry haven't been as useful as I would have liked. I still stand by my criticism of some of his recent comments. But I don't want to devote so much attention to them that it gives power to the attacks against him. In light of what I have said above, I will try to be more supportive of the effort to help Kerry through this trying time. I will still make note of his mistakes when I see him making them. But I will leave it at that.


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