Thursday, March 18, 2004

"Appeasment" is spreading

Naturally, the warfloggers will descry the word out of Poland that they are considering withdrawing their troops from Iraq early as just another sign of appeasement to the terrorists. I think Ivo Daalder puts it best in The American Prospect, with regard to the Spanish election (link courtesy Josh Marshall):

This is the third election of a major ally in which the party running against George Bush won. Look at Germany in '02, South Korea in '03, and now Spain. The message is: If you want to get re-elected, don't go to Crawford. Bush is a political liability -- in Europe, in particular. His foreign policy has trampled on the European views and it's now resulting in the election of governments that do not support his approach.

Any leader in "the coalition of the willing" who doesn't re-evaluate their cooperation with George the Lesser would be insane given that kind of a track record.

Is this appeasing the terrorists? Perhaps. But Bush's failed foreign policy has forced these world leaders into the position where they either have to consider "appeasing the terrorists" (as defined by the neo-cons) or face political extinction.

Of course they want John Kerry to win!


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