Friday, March 05, 2004

Evil Firefighters II

Yesterday I talked about how it would be difficult for Bush/Rove to fight against the Firefighters Union because firefighters are the most pure form of hero this society has. I couldn't think of an example of bad firefighters. A couple of people have pointed out at least two examples: (1) the movie "Backdraft" which featured, if I remember correctly, an arsonist who was also a firefighter and (2) the recent reports of firefighters pocketing souvenirs from ground zero. There was also mention of firefighters getting in trouble for wild parties, but that kind of thing really isn't specific to them being firefighters.

I'll give points for both examples, but this is still a pretty paltry record of bad behavior associated with being a firefighter when compared to honorable professions like being a soldier.

Of course, Kerry has the advantage of being back by both firefighters and veterns.


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