Thursday, March 04, 2004

Coordinated response from the Democrats!?

Interesting comment from Kos regarding the quick flurry of negative responses to Bush's first round of TV ads:

Given the quickness of the response, and the coordinated "ambush" aspect of it, it almost seems as our side was actually prepared for Bush's inevitable exploitation of our nation's biggest recent tragedy.

Hmmm. Could these responses have been coordinated in some way? It is possible in the case of the firefighters, who are big backers of John Kerry and often credited with being life preserver through the long days before Iowa. But I'm not so sure that the 9/11 families that have come out and criticized this action did so at the behest of the Democrats.

I think it more likely that the speed of the negative response comes more from the fact that so many people have simply lost patience with Bush, were expecting this kind exploitation of national tragedy and were thus prepared to respond quickly when it happened.

No coordination, just similar causation.

Update: Luke Frankl has a roundup of reaction to the Bush ads. He comments on the Kos thread:

I'm not sure if the 9/11 thing will backfire on Bush. My co-blogger at BushOut says "No one will watch this ad and turn there nose at the 9/11 imagery. No one will watch this ad and think George Bush is making excuses. If they do have that immediate gut reaction, you can be sure they already made up their mind not to vote for Bush in the first place."

But if the criticism is coming from the Fire Fighters and the families, it may just. It may just...

I think that Luke is right that whether one has a negative reaction to these ads will depend primarily on whether you are already have negative feelings towards Bush already. However, that is no consolation for Bush since the volume of the reaction indicates that there is a deep well and broad well of negative feeling towards Bush already and that these ads may have struck a raw nerve.

In other words, they won't turn people against Bush. But they are an indication of just how strong is the feeling against the guy already.


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