Thursday, March 04, 2004

Kerry Shadow Cabinet II

It looks like the idea of a Kerry Shadow Cabinet is catching on. Ezra, Matthew and Atrios have all weighed in on the idea and seem to favor it.

Atrios has a good suggestion for how to avoid the pitfall of a bad choice for a particular position derailing the campaign: don't actually list them as the official nominee. Just announce them as your designated-go-to-guy-or-gal for that part of the government. They would, of course, have the inside track on being the eventual nominee for their respective position. But you wouldn't have to go through a full-blown vetting and scandal-watch phase for them. In fact, their performance on the road would become their vetting process.

Ezra has his suggestions up. I like some of them. Here are mine:

President: John Kerry
Vice-President: Bill Richardson
Sec. of Homeland Security: Gary Hart
Sec. of Veterans Affairs: Max Cleland
Attorney General: Eliot Spitzer
Sec. of Labor: Dick Gephardt
Sec. of Health, Human Services: Howard Dean


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